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Understanding your brand’s target audience and speaking with them in a clear, consistent voice is crucial to gaining and retaining customers. If you’ve sought out or used a traditional PR agency, you already know that costs can be astronomical and day-to-day management can be cumbersome. When you hire Hot Mustard PR to bring the heat, you receive agency-level thinking that’s more efficient, more nimble and much more affordable.

​Anne has spent the past twelve years helping brands tell their stories in the fast-paced PR agency world, most recently as an account director at Olson Engage. From food to sports to pets to lifestyle brands, she is passionate about crafting stories and strategies that turn (the right) heads. If you need creative & smart ideas, a can-do attitude and aren't afraid of cracking a few jokes during the workday, give Hot Mustard PR a shout. Your audiences are waiting; Anne will help connect you to them.
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*y​ou can't start a fire without a spark*

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Anne Deanovic, Public Relations Consultant

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