Services (At-A-Glance)


Media & Influencer Relations

Got news? Need to spread it? We make your story insatiable, then deliver it to media and influencers (on a silver platter). Do more to reach the audiences you crave through smart influencer partnerships.

Creative Strategy

Trying to do, be and say everything can get messy. We hone in on what's actually important, from your audience to your brand message to the right delivery channels, and distill it in an easy-to-digest communications plan.


Events can positively shape the attitudes of media and consumers in a high impact way, plus create lasting relationships. 

reputation management

A brand crisis can happen at any moment. We help you prepare for and engage with key stakeholders when threats to your brand crop up.


Writing, Writing, Writing

Press releases, e-newsletters, speechwriting, blog copy, web copy, social media posts, your wedding vows. Give us your copy needs so you can focus on the other important stuff. 

social media

Everyone's doing it, right? Yes, but not everyone is doing it RIGHT. We craft or revise your social strategy and execute on content creation and community management. 

thought leadership

Elevate your influence in front of industry peers, consumers and media. We identify the best opportunities for your brand, plus craft the message and presentation and conduct prep training.


Results are always customized to fit your program and meet your objectives. We work together to define these goals at the outset and create a unique KPI structure to gauge success.